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Ischgl 2016 Impressum

Heyo guys and welcome to my new blogspot (:

This is the first time I write my blog in english and I hope you like and understand it (:

 So here we go.

I have been skiing for ten years now and I'm quite good at it. About one or two times a year, my dad and I,we drive to Austria to go skiing. 

This year we were skiing in Ischgl from February 7th until February 13th and OMG I LOVE THIS PLACE.

The weather was cold but also sunny on top of the mountains- so perfect requirements. (except of one day when it was snowing all the time and u hardly couldn't see your own skis because of the dense fog.  )

Most of you have never been to Ischgl, I think . So here are some basic facts :

Ischgl's area extends over more than 240 ski run kilometres and you can be taken up to 2900 metres. Ischgl isn't only one single region rather are there also Samnaun , Kappl , See,... (so a lot more.) 

So here are some pictures of the magnificent scenery and of the food I ate (unfortunatelly I only took photos of the unhealthy stuff I ate ,so I'm sorry but I've thought that salad wouldn't be that interesting.)









We also were shopping the last day.

My dad bought me a new necklace and an Ischgl-jacket. I like both of it pretty much and the jacket's also so unbelievably soft, you guys can't imagine. 




In two years I will go there again- not with my family but with my friends.

I still can't believe that the vacation's already over again. So I hope y'all have a great time back at school and I hope you will get over Monday :D

See you!(:

XOXO Janin 



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